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Welcome To The Australian Investor

The following companies have items available to view on this website. If the public listed company which you are looking for is not listed here please contact us by emailing

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Stock Code Company Name
ASX:ACB A-Cap Resources Limited
ASX:AGZ A.G.D Mining Limited
ASX:AIE A.I. Limited
ASX:APE A.P. Eagers Limited
ASX:AAM A1 Minerals Limited
AAA Finance Corporation
ASX:ABP Abacus Property Group
ASX:ABB ABB Grain Limited
ASX:ABS ABC Learning Centres Limited
ASX:ABX Abelle Limited
ASX:ALR Aberdeen Leaders Limited
ASX:ABG Abigroup Limited
ASX:ABU ABM Resources NL
ABN AMRO Rothschild
ASX:AII Abra Mining Limited
Absolute Capital Limited
ASX:AAB Absolute Return Fund (The)
ASX:ABT Abundant Produce Ltd
ASX:ACS Accent Resources NL
ASX:AEX Acclaim Exploration NL
ASX:ACX ACMA Engineering & Construction Group Limited
ASX:ACR Acrux Limited
ASX:ACW Actinogen
Active Asset Protection
ASX:AIV ActivEX Limited
Acumen Capital Property Securities Fund
ASX:AVP Acuron Limited
ASX:ACU Acuvax Limited
ASX:ADA Adacel Technologies Limited
ASX:ADU Adamus Resources Limited
ASX:AAU Adcorp Australia Limited
ASX:ADB Adelaide Bank Limited
ASX:ABC Adelaide Brighton Limited
ASX:ADE Adelaide Energy Limited
ASX:ADN Adelaide Resources Limited
ASX:ADI Adelphi Energy Limited
ASX:ADQ ADG Global Supply Limited
ASXABY Aditya Birla Minerals Limited
ASX:ABY Aditya Birla Minerals Limited
ASX:ADL Admerex Ltd
ASX:ADY Admiralty Resources NL
ASX:ADZ Adsteam Marine Limited
ASX:ADG Adtrans Group Limited
ASX:ASC Limited
ASX:ADS ADV Group Limited
ASX:AVD Advance Energy Limited
ASX:AHG Advance Healthcare Group Limited
ASX:ABV Advanced Braking Technology.
ASX:AES Advanced Energy Systems Limited
ASX:ACE Advanced Engine Components Limited
Advanced Fund Management (Holdings) Limited
ASX:ANM Advanced Magnesium Limited
ASX:AOS Advanced Ocluar Systems
ASX:AOS Advanced Ocular Systems
ASX:ASW Advanced Share Registry Limited
ASX:AMT Advanced Surgical Design & Manufacture Limited
ASX:ADT Advent Limited
ASX:AED AED Oil Limited
ASX:AQE Aequs Capital Limited
ASX:AEI Aeris Environmental Limited
ASX:AVE Aevum Limited
ASX:AFS Affiance Group Limited
AFFIN Holds Berhad
Affinity Health Limited
AFM Perseus Fund Limited
Afminex Limited
ASX:AFR African Energy Resources
ASX: AKI African Iron Limited
ASX:AFT AFT corporation Limited
AGD Mining Limited
ASX:AGX Agenix Limited
ASX:AGC Agincourt Resources Limited
ASX:AGK AGL Energy Limited
ASX:AAE Agri Energy Limited
ASX:AGT AGT Biosciences Limited
ASX: AGR Aguia Resources Limited
ASX:AIM AIM Resources Limited
ASX:AGI Ainsworth Game Technology Limited
ASX:AIZ Air New Zealand Limited
ASX:AIG Aircruising Australia Limited
ASX:AJL AJ Lucas Group Limited
ASX:ALG Alamar Resources Limited
ASX:AUQ Alara Resources Limited
ASX:ALB Albidon Limited
ASX:AMG Alcaston Mining NL
ASX:ACL Alchemia Limited
ASX:ALY Alchemy Resources
ASX:ALY Alchemy Resources Limited
ASX:ALC Alcidion Group Limited
ASX:AAI Alcoa Inc.
ASX: AYN Alcyone Resources Limited
ASX:LEP ALE Property Group
ASX:ALS Alesco Corporation Limited
ASX:AXD Alexander Resources Limited
ASX:ALE Alexanders Securities Limited
ASX: AJX Alexium International Group Limited
ASX:AEB Algae Tec.
ASX:AIH Alinta Infrastructure Holdings
ASX:ALN Alinta Limited
ASX:ALK Alkane Resources Limited
ASX:AEP Allco Equity Partners Limited
ASX:AFG Allco Finance Group
ASX:AHU Allco Hybrid Investment Trust
ASX:AXQ Allco Max Securities & Morgage Trust
ASX:AGM Allegiance Mining NL
AQZ Alliance Aviation
ASX:AGS Alliance Resources Limited
ASX:ABQ Allied Brands Limited
ASX:ALD Allied Gold Limited
AHZ Allied Health Group
ASX:ATZ Allied Technologies Group Limited
ASX:AMA Allomak
ASX:AYR Alloy Resources Limited
ASX:ALX Allstate Exploratons NL
ASX:AFP Alpha Financial Products Limited
ASX:ASU Alpha Technologies Corporation Limited
ASX:AHM Alpha Uranium Ltd
ASX:AEA Altera Capital Limited
ASX:AEA Altera Resources Limited
Alternative Engine Technologies Pty Ltd
ASX:ALU Altium Limited
ASX:AOI Alto Energy Limited
ASX: AOH Altona Mining Limited
ASX:AXG Altria Group Incorporated
ASX: AJM Altura Mining Limited
Altus Renewables
ASX:AWC Alumina Limited
ASX:ALM Aluminex Resources Limited
ASX:AMU Amadeus Energy Limited
ASX:ARC Amalg Resources NL
ASX:AHD Amalgamated Holdings Limited
ASX:AZD Amazing Loans Limited
Ambassador Oil and Gas
ASX:AMO Ambertech Limited
ASX:AMB Ambition Group Limited
ASX:AMM Amcom Telecommunications Limited
ASX:AMZ Amcor Investments (New Zealand) Limited
ASX:AMC Amcor Limited
ASX:AOW American Patriot Oil and Gas
ASX:ARZ Amerod Resources Limited
ASX:AXZ Amex Resources Limited
ASX:AYO Amity Oil Limited
ASX:ANK Amlink Group Limited
ASX:AEC Ammtec Limited
AMP Diversified Property Trust
AMP Office Trust
AMP Shopping Centre Trust
ASX:AMX Ampella Mining Limited
ASX:AML Amrad Corporation Limited
ASX:AMA Amrites Limited
Anaco Resources Limited
ASX:ANL Anaconda Nickel Limited
ASX:ANX Anadis Limited
ASX:ANQ AnaeCo Limited
ASX:ALT Analytica Limited
ASX:AHR Anchor Resources Ltd
ASX:AND Andean Resources Limited
ASX:ATM Aneka Tambang (Persero) TBK (PT)
NSX:ASJ Angas Securities
ASX:AAR Anglo Australian Resources NL
ASX:AGP Anglo Pacific Group Limited
ASX:AGG Anglogold Ashanti Limited
ASX:ANC Angus & Coote (Holdings) Ltd
Anomaly Resources Limited
ASX:ANH Ansearch Limited
ASX:ANN Ansell Limited
ASX:ASN Anson Resources Limited
ASX:AEL Antaeus Engery Limited
ASX:AZZ Antares Energy Limited
ASX:ANO Antaria Limited
ASX:ADO Anteo Diagnostics Limited
ASX:AZY Antipa Minerals Limited
ASX:ANP Antisense Therapeutics Limited
ASX:AVM Anvil Mining Limited
ASX:AZA Anzon Australia Limited
ASX:APE AP Eagers Limited
ASX:APP APA Financial Services Limited
ASX:AAL APAC Coal Limited
ASX:AKO Aperio Resources
ASX:AXM Apex Minerals NL
ASX: AQQ Aphrodite Gold Limited
APN Funds Management Limited
ASX:APN APN News & Media Limited
ASX:APD APN Property Group Limited
ASX:AEZ APN/UKA European Retail Trust
ASX:AOP Apollo Consolidated
ASX:AOP Apollo Life Sciences Limited
ASX:AON Apollo Minerals Limited
ASX:AOZ Apollo Series 2005-1E Trust
ASX:APO Apollo Series 2005-2 Trust
ASX: Appen Limited
ASX:ATZ Appetise (Holdings) Limited
ASX:AQU Aqua Guardain Group Limited
ASX:AQL AquaCarotene Limited
Aquareuse Pty Ltd
ASX:AQP Aquarius Platinum Limited
ASX:AQA Aquila Resources Limited
Aquire Property
ASX:APB Arafura Pearls Holdings Limited
ASX:ARU Arafura Resources NL
ASX:AAG Aragon Resources Limited
ASX:AAH Arana Therapeutics Limited
ASX:ARR Arasor International Limited
ASX:ARP ARB Corporation Limited
ASX:ARX Arc Exploration Limited
ASX:AXE Archer Exploration Limited
ASX:ARD Argent Minerals Limited
ASX: AVK Argentina Mining Limited
ASX: AXT Argo Exploration Limited
ASX:ARG Argo Investments Limited
ASX:ARE Argonaut Resources NL
ASX:AGY Argosy Minerals Inc
ASX:ASV Argus Solutions Limited
ASX:ARA Ariadne Australia Limited
ASX:ALL Aristocrat Leisure Ltd
ASX:ARJ Ark Fund Limited
ASX:AJO Armstrong Jones Office Fund
ASX:AOE Arrow Energy NL
Arrow Pharmaceuticals Limited
Art Equity Rentals
Art Index
ASX:ARV Artemis Resources Limited
ASX:AEM Artist & Entertainment Group Limited
ASX: AAJ Aruma Resources Limited
ASX:APH Ascent Pharmahealth Limited
ASX:AIO Asciano Group
ASX:AFA ASF Group Limited
ASX:ASZ ASG Group Limited
ASX:ATN Ashburton Minerals Limited
ASX:AJA Asia Diversified Fund Limited
ASX:ATB Asian Development Bank
ASX:AUF Asian Masters Fund Limited
ASX:APZ Aspen Group Limited
ASX:ASP Aspermont Limited
ASX: AKM Aspire Mining Limited
ASX:ASQ Asset Loan Company Limited
ASX:AIR AstiVita Renewables Limited
ASX:ARO Astro Diamond Mines NL
ASX:ATR Astron Ltd
ASX:ACG AtCor Medical Holdings Limited
ASX:ATH Atech Holdings Limited
ASX:AHN Athena Resources Limited
ASX:ATV Atlantic Gold NL
ASX:ATI Atlantic Limited
ASX:AHS Atlas Group Holdings Limited
ASX:AGO Atlas Iron Limited
ASX:ATP Atlas South Sea Pearl Limited
ASX:AXY Atom Energy
ASX:ATQ Atomic Resources Limited
ASX:ATW AtosWellness Limited
ASX:ATU Atrum Coal NL
ASX:ACZ Atticus Resources Limited
ASX:AIA Auckland International Airport Limited
ASX:ADX AuDAX Resources Ltd
ASX:AUK Augur Resources Limited
ASX:AUY AuIron Energy Limited
ASX:AEE Aura Energy Limited
ASX:AXL Aurex Consolidated Ltd
ASX:ADM Auridiam Consolidated Limited
ASX:AOR Auriongold Limited
ASX:AGU Aurium Resources Limited
ASX:ABW Aurora Buy-Write Income Trust
A3D Aurora Labs
ASX:ARM Aurora Minerals Limited
ASX:AUT Aurora Oil & Gas Limited
ASX:AUP Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust
ASX:AOD Aurora Sandringham Dividend Income Trust
ASX:AXO Aurox Resources Limited
ASX:AUD Ausdoc Limited
ASX:ASL Ausdrill
ASX:AUS Auselect Limited
ASX:AAX Ausenco Limited
Ausfarm Management Pty Ltd
ASX: AUC Ausgold Limited
ASX:AET Ausmelt Limited
ASX:AME Ausmet Resources
ASX:AUE Ausminerals Limited
ASX:ANE Auspine Limited
ASX:AQD AusQuest Limited
Aussie Cherries Limited
Aussie Pooch Mobile
ASX:AQR Aussie Q Resources Limited
ASX:ASB Austal Limited
ASX:AUN Austar United Communications Limited
AustAsia Group Limited
ASX:AUB Austbrokers Holdings Limited
AustCancer Limited
ASX:AUU Austcorp Towers Trust
ASX:AEO Austereo Group Limited
ASX:AOK AusTex Oil Limited
ASX:ANG Austin Engineering Limited
ASX:AKK Austin Exploration Limited
ASX:ATX Austminex Limited
ASX:ACK Austock Group Limited
ASX:AEU Austock Property Management Limited
ASX: AYX Austofix Group Limited
ASX:APC Austomotive Parts Group Limited
ASX:APG Austpac resources NL
ASX:AUO Austral Coal Limited
ASX:AGD Austral Gold Limited
ASX:AWG Austral Waste Limited
ASX:ALZ Australand Property Group
ASX:AAO Australasia Gold Limited
ASX:ATE Australasian Gold Mines NL
ASX:ARH Australasian Resources Limited
ASX:ANZ Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
ASX: AKA Australia Minerals and Mining Group Limited
ASX:AOM Australia Oriental Minerals NL
ASX:AWT Australia WeTouch Technology Limited
ASX:AAC Australian Agricultural Company Limited
ASX:AUA Australian Assets Corporation Limited
ASX:ABZ Australian Bauxite Limited
ASX:ABJ Australian Biodiesel Group Limited
ASX:ABG Australian Biodiesel Group Limited
Australian Cancer Technologies Limited
ASX:ACD Australian Central Credit Union Limited
ASX:ACT Australian Coal Technology Pty Ltd
ASX:XCL Australian Commonwealth Government Loans
ASX:AXX Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
ASX:AEU Australian Education Trust
ASX:AED Australian Energy Developments Limited
ASX:AEN Australian Energy Limited
ASX:AAE Australian Ethanol Limited
ASX:AEF Australian Ethical Investment Limited
ASX:AFF Australian Food Fibre Limited
ASX:AFI Australian Foundation Investment Company
ASX:AGL Australian Gas Light Company
ASX:AGN Australian Gemstone House Limited
Australian Gold Holdings Limited
ASX:AGV Australian Gold Investment Limited
Australian Growth Limited
ASX:AUH Australian Healthcare Technology Limited
ASX:AHO Australian Hotel Fund
ASX:AIX Australian Infrastructure Fund
ASX:AIL Australian Innovation Limited
ASX:APM Australian Institute of Property Management Limited
Australian Investor
ASX:ALH Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group Limited
ASX:ANM Australian Magnesium Corporation Limited
ASX:AUZ Australian Mines Limited
Australian Oil and Gas Corporation Limited
ASX:AOC Australian Oil Company
ASX:AEY Australian Onshore Energy Fund
ASX:AOM Australian Oriental Minerals NL
ASX:API Australian Pharmaceuticals Limited
ASX:APA Australian Pipeline Trust
ASX:APK Australian Power and Gas Company Limited
Australian Property Network
Australian Property Systems Limited
NSX:APO Australian Property Systems Limited
ASX:ARW Australian Renewable Fuels Limited
Australian Repackaged Transactions Limited
ASX:ASR Australian Rural Group Limited
Australian Silicon Limited
ASX:AUL Australian United Gold Limited
ASX:AUI Australian United Investment Company Limited
NSX:AFO Australian United Retailers Limited
Australian Value Funds Management Limited
ASX:AVG Australian Vintage Limited
ASX:AVC Australian Visual Communications Limited
ASX:AWS Australian Waterwise Solutions Limited
ASX:AUW Australian Wealth Management Limited
ASX:AWL Australian Wines Holdings Limited
ASX:AWE Australian Worldwide Exploration Limited
ASX:AZC Australian Zircon NL
ASX:AAQ Australis Aquaculture Limited
ASX:AUV Australis Mining Corporation Limited
ASX:AUR Australon Limited
ASX:AKE Austrasia International Limited
Austrbrokers Holdings Limited
Austrim Nylem Limited
ASX:AIY Authorised Investment Fund Limited
ASX:ALO Auto Group Limited
ASX:AIE Autodom Limited
ASX:ATG Autogen Limited
Automotive Components Limited
ASX:AHE Automotive Holdings Group Limited
APCHA Automotive Parts Group Limited 10% UN 07
ASX:ATJ Automotive Technology Group Limited
ASX:AAT Autron Corporation Limited
ASX:AZX Auzex Resources Limited
ASX:AVI Avalon Minerals
ASX:AVI Avalon Minerals Limited
Avanco Resources Limited
ASX:AVB Avanco Resources Limited
ASX:AVS Avastra Limited
ASX:AVR Avatar Industries Limited
AVY Avenue Resources
ASX:AVX Avexa Limited
ASX:AVH Avita Medical Limited
ASX:AVA Aviva Corporation Limited
ASX:AVJ AVJennings Homes Limited
ASX:AVO Avoca Resources Limited
Avon Resources Limited
ASX:AVZ Avonlea Minerals Limited
ASX:AWX AWX Capital Limited
ASX:AXA AXA Pacific Holdings Limited
ASX:AXG AXG Mining Limited
Axiom Energy Limited
ASX:AVQ Axiom Mining
ASX:AXI Axiom Properties Limited
ASX:AXN Axon Instruments Inc
ASX:AZK Aziana Limited
ASX: AZH Azimuth Resources Limited
ASX:AZR Aztec Resources
ASX:AZM Azumah Resources Limited
ASX:AZS Azure Minerals Limited
ASX:AZU Azurn International Limited

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